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Welcome to Leading Car Service

Leading Car Service setting new standards for professional chauffeuring

It´s in the details
Would you like your colleagues and partners to feel a sense of pride when met at the Airport? With Leading Car Service that positive first impression lasts all the way. 

Detailed. Updated
Our chauffeurs have up-to-the-minute information on reservations and changes.
All information is immediately confirmed. Around the clock.

The latest technology
Leading Car Service makes communication easy. We always employ the latest technologies.  

You are in control
You can log in to your account at all times. Here you will find all the information on your reservations – date and times, addresses, prices, car models, names of passengers, etc.

We do it your way
Always at your service. You’ll never have to wait for replies.
With our ordering system we eliminate all risk of miscommunication.

Our Services become a part of your company
Would you like to advertise your company? We can do this with our digital name plates.
With the right logotype, the right colours, the right approach.

We want more

We aim to lead the market. Our chauffeurs work harder to be at your service.
A Leading Car chauffeur will not give up until you consider us the best.

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